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RE: 3Speak: An Incredible Sink For Hive

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This sounds very complicated for me as a regular Internet user. For the most part I won't care about decentralisation and will just want to watch silly videos on YouTube or an alternative site.
Ease of use is a big question here and incentive to use the system?

I hope it is successful and as a long term crypt and Web3 users can see the benifits but if I was coming in cold to the system, where is the upside? Just wondering how they will sell it to people.

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Hard to get a grasp on without the details and actually seeing the platform.

The client is very easy to use.

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The 'techy centric' perspective has been a continuous drag on adoption (imo).
Like you said, users are not fucking interested .

They just want something that 'works'.
Blockchain, so far, has not provided that, not really.