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RE: It's far easier to hold onto people than it is to get new people.

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Thanks for the detailed reply to my post. I have spent 15 years managing in different businesses and learned plenty of tough lessons along the way. While we have to treat the client with politeness and respect, from a business point of view we can usually say that the customer is normally wrong. The trick here ios to make them happy while steering them in the right direction and making it a good experience.

I'm thinking about opening my own business in the new town that i have just moved to as there is a gap in the market for more business. It is a small area with no facilities that is crying out for people to start something new.

Funds will be a big part of this as i know that we will need to survive the first 5 years before being able to live comfortable=y form the business itself. Until i can set up my finances to cover the first 5 years of trading then there is no point in trying to run a new business since i will be under pressure form day 1 to survive.

It takes time to pay off the initial expenses, build reputation, build a customer base and grow to a stage where it becomes profitable. A lot of people don't understand that concept and think that if they have a good idea it will just take off and make them money.

Without time and building a brand and customer base it is doomed to fail even if the idea is good. That takes time and money which a lot of people underestimate.

Feedback is a great tool for businesses as it shows your strengths and weaknesses which you can use to improve and adapt for further growth.


Thank you for this advices I am really enjoying your read.

I most say I am delighted am your follower here. I am really thorns from your post. Thanks sir and I pray that your business plan in your new town blossom faster than you would think or imagine.

Thank you