Completed my registration for a level 8 course in "Blockchain for Business."

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When I walked out the door of college in 2011 with my degree in business and retail management I thought that i was done for good with studying and lectures.

That was not to be however.

While I have been working in management ever since that day and done ok in life from it, there is no love of the job there. Until I found hive and crypto there was nothing in the career world that sparked any interest from me at all. That all changed when I saw the possibilities of blockchain technology, especially fast, free chains like hive and the countless ways in which it can be utilized.

There are so many ways that it can be used to improve the current business systems that a lot of it has not even been thought of yet. Look at how a simple game like @splinterlands could revolutionize the gaming industry through blockchain technology.

How @nftshowroom can change the very definition of art and it's ownership. How tokenization could change the very fabric of the internet and wipe the board clean from the likes of twitter and facebook?

Retail, writing, property, gaming, banking, finance, documentation, the internet itself. There are going to be wholesale changes across these areas in the coming years and blockchain will be the core basis of it. Immutable ownership and global transactions.

This excites me as I think that current systems, are unbalanced, bloated and corrupt to a large extent which need to be tore down and built for efficiency and transparency. An equal opportunity for people to work and thrive in life that isn't currently allowed by those in control of existing systems. It is hard to break a monopoly but if enough people want change then it will happen.

That is where it is heading and that is where i want to be. Spearheading change in my country through blockchain based solutions. I don't know where those jobs will come from or what direction this might take me on but I do know that it is time for change and this is the direction that I am taking on it.

After applying for the course last summer, I can finally say that registration is complete. Forms have been filled in and I am officially a student again. I never though that I would see the day, as i was not a very good student the first couple of times around before.

With that said, this is the first time that it has fully been my choice and I will enjoy the challenge from a more experienced, enthusiastic and mature point of view.

The course kicks off from the 18th of January and it will be a great help to post to @leofinance as I study blockchain and business together. What better way to study than to write about my lessons every week and add more knowledge to the site and to my own mind. All that while i earn for my troubles. (Hopefully).

The course has three modules over twelve months;

  • Introductory Finance for FinTech
  • Economics for Business
  • Blockchain Technology

If there are any projects involved then I will hopefully be able to steer them towards hive based solutions and at the same time can pick the brains of some of our resident geniuses on the hive blockchain for any help that i might need to complete the course.

I really can't think of a better match than doing a blockchain course while operating and writing on a blockchain based business.

I will post regularly about it going forward and hopefully be able to share a lot of new and interesting business knowledge going forward.

Until next time.

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@niallon11, In my opinion that Change is happening and looks like World is in Transitioning Mode. Enjoy your Hive Journey and stay blessed.