70 Rep and the newest Orca on hive.

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It was over three years ago that I first discovered the blockchain and saw all of the possibilities that it could offer to people going forward.

I had such high hopes at that time that I was determined to throw myself in as deeply as possible to this platform which held a whole new world of knowledge that teased and intrigued my mind in ways that i had not thought of before.
Every new lesson led me further down the rabbit hole of crypto, defi, nft's, smart contracts, immutable accounts, ect.....

So many possibilities and so little built yet. Since the industry as a whole has started to mature we have seen some of these possibilities turn into realities. I have learned so much and dived so deep into different chains, businesses and even more possibilities that could be built onto these existing layers.

From all of that, i always end up coming back to the same point.
While all of these other projects have good and bad aspects. None of them have what we have on hive. None of them offer the same possibilities that i can see for hive going forward.

With the people and the vision that we have on this chain I have total belief that we will see a lot more amazing things being built over time. It won't be instant and it won't be painless but since the fork to the new chain we have seen more willingness to band together and get it done.

If there were any regrets from my experience over the past few years on this chain it is the amount of time i have seen wasted by people fighting over the stupidest of things. Fighting over rewards and fighting for the sake of fighting. That has to stop.

We are a very small community at present and unless we can pull together from this point and get on the same page, then what will happen if we 10x with new developers, new community and new ideas??

Unless people are willing to play the long game then we will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and that i feel is the greatest threat to our success as a blockchain and as a community. Fighting drives off, people, development and investment.

We all want the same end result so why should it matter how we will get there. The main question i would ask in any discussion or point of conflict is,

"Will this help hive to grow in the future?"

If the answer to that question is no, then you are on the wrong side of the argument. There is room for everybody to build and to grow on hive and the more people that set up shop here the better. That is the way forward. In these times of increasing restrictions and censorship we have the chance to turn the conversation in a new direction. That we have already build the solution, it just needs to be improved upon.

  1. New accounts created

Date New Accounts
2021-01-11 258
2021-01-10 338
2021-01-09 444
2021-01-08 190
2021-01-07 158
2021-01-06 169
2021-01-05 164
2021-01-04 173

Stats from @penguinpablo

Lots of people are talking about building something from the ground up but the foundations are already here after 4 years of testing. All they really need to do is skip the hard part and build onto those foundations. We have seen lately the impact that a few good apps could have as @leofinance and @threespeak have laid out their plans for the next few months and how it will add value back to the chain. This gets me very excited and i can't wait for crypto twitter to see the possibilities of using leo for their posts going forward.

The team has consistently delivered and are doing everything that i had expected the hive team to do in the past. Unfortunately we cant get that wasted time back from them but we can now see how it should have been done from the start and it only took a few months to get there with the right team leading development.

All of this makes me very bullish on hive as it would only take a couple of apps to bring in the crowds and suddenly everything changes here. Demand goes up, price goes up, enthusiasm goes up and we have a marketing base to bring more people in. The whole narrative changes with more activity on the chain.

Orca at last.

I had spent a long time building up my stake to reach this point and had set the challenge to reach Orca status by next year. Luckily, with my increased activity and making some smart moves on the platform I was able to get there a lot sooner.


As you can see I have actually jumped over the final hurdle rather than falling over the line by purchasing a little more hive during the last dip. I had sold some some Ethereum to USDT at the peak and set a few buy orders on the way down for hive. I managed to get down to 11c even but never reached my 10c buys so might there is still a bit more in the pot to top up my account.

I have always planned on riding this train until the end and will keep growing my account for the next few years by buying or by posting to the chain. Whatever it takes to become a whale in years to come as the eco-system grows and flourishes. Won't it be nice to sit on a large account and know that it came about the hard way.

70 REP.

I know that this doesn't count for a whole lot on the chain but it is still a big milestone. For me it is a sign of time and effort put into the chain and it's a nice feeling to get to this level of reputation.

All of the people that i follow on hive have built real reputation on the chain over the years and not just a number but it does signify that they have put the time in here as well and grown their accounts. It took a long point to get here so with the start of a new year i will celebrate an achievement.

Plans for 2021?.

The plan never changes too much. I will continue to be active. As I posted about yesterday, I will be starting a new college course this month with the hope of a career change in the near future.

Blockchain for Business course.

That will keep me fairly busy but account growth is always on the cards. I will stay as active as possible on hive and see if I can make my way to 100k hive over the next twelve months.

I will also keep a focus on the few tribes that are relevant to me like sports, Leo and CPT. These hold a lot of potential and it is a great time to be involved from the ground up. LEO is doing such amazing things right now that it is only a matter of time before the gain proper recognition from the crypto world and the people follow along nicely.

Hopefully if i can play the bull run properly it will free up some funds to speed up the journey going forward. With some of the projects about to launch in the chain this year I want to be ahead of the curve and stack up early.

  • Leotwitter
  • Leofinance roadmap
  • Threespeak project launch
  • Multiple new games.
  • Blocktrades working on next wave of development.
  • Splinterlands updates.
  • Cpt tribe and payment system.
  • hivelist and more commerce.
  • Smart contracts
  • Defi

Just a small selection from a wide range of projects and with the rate of development that we are seeing these days it will all keep building at a faster pace from here. Every successful addition leads to the next wave of projects.

The foundations have taken a long time to build on hive but i do think by the end of 2021 we will have seen them put in place and then the serious building can get started.

I hope to see a lot more people taker advantage of the current markets and show their belief in Hive as well. Price is not everything and there is no better time to buy than when everything is being built. It always easy to say it afterwards.

"I wish I had bought at 11c. I could see everything that was being built but never took that chance."

There are plenty people looking at bitcoin now and saying the exact same thing. The best part here is that you only need to invest your time if you want to grow. There is no risk other than getting addicted to the chain and diving further in.

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That's awesome man!

Congratulations on the Orca status!

Big things in 2021!

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Thanks @jongolson.

As you always say. It's about effort and consistency. Anynody can do it of they put in the work. I never though it was possible but three years and a small investment got there in the end.

Fighting over rewards and fighting for the sake of fighting. That has to stop.

Yep. It's depressing.

And congrats by the way..

We have lost far too many users for no reason and we would be in a far healthier place with a little bit more consideration.
I'm hopeful that things are much better since the split and that we have left a lot of toxic behaviour behind as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

Yeah I thought so to, but everyone gets grumpy when the price is low. I do get the need to vent though - I want to rant about wtf are the bigger players doing about marketing, because without that I can't see how we are going to up the user base anyway. Feeling on a low this morning - I bet there's plenty here who 'fight' because they can't control their emotions or be part of the solution. Me? I hover over 'power down' endlessly but I love HIVE and want to be part of it succeeding. I just need a dev to come along and do for Nat Med what Khal and team has done for Leo.

Congrats my friend with such achievement 😁👊

Thank you. Its been a fun ride and plenty more to go from here. I love building on the chain.

Congrats for the Rep 70 and the Orca status!
Is quite an achivement!


Thank you. Its nice to have something to show for three years of grafting.

That is great! Congrats mate and hopefully there will be a lot more up to come :)

Thanks @tarazkp. Nothing to your achievements on here but aiming for 100k next. This is just a stepping stone and big things to come for hive this year so it's a good time to make moves.

@tipu curate

Thanks for that. 👍

Congrats yo. Getting that 70 rep feels like the holy grail. It is totally worth celebrating.
Man, how does it feel to have so much power?

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Thanks belemo.

The rep is great but the big vote will be even better if prices rise this year. Imagine being able to give out a $1 vote. That's big dick territory.

Swing it like you're wearing sweat pants with no underwear big man. I'm looking to pull out a few thousand Hive myself but the shitcoin market has been lame

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It's a weird market out there right now. I'm not sure whether to cash out the majority before it crashes or if this is just a quick dip. Some coins pumped some haven't moved.

I cashed out some and hold others. I'm trying to do some scalping as well but that's been hit and miss at best. I hate it here lol

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As you can see I have actually jumped over the final hurdle rather than falling over the line

er yes... by powering up nearly 7k Hive in one go, you have managed to literally pole-vault over the final step... 😅

Congrats anyway, I know much effort and hard work and consistency that has required, and I wish you the best of luck with 2021 both with Hive and with your new cryptocurrency business course.

exciting times ahead!

by powering up nearly 7k Hive in one go, you have managed to literally pole-vault over the final step... 😅

Dollar costing is a great way to go. I had been buying eth and bitcoin for the past year and sold a bit when the prices jumped. Managed to pull out near the top this week which freed up some dollars.

They were profitable but my passion is for hive and that is where I will put my money. Slowly building my account with activity and adding a few buys where possible.

In the long run I would rather succeed or fail here than make a few dollars on a token that I care nothing about.

Thanks for the support and I'm sure you will catch up before too long.

I thought you had already got to Orca but well done, 100k is only another 4 grand away, easily doable right? 😜

Rep 70 still means something to those of us who didn't cheat with bidbots or use other alts so nice one on that! Getting to rep 70 felt pretty good when I got there last year, next up, 80!

See you at whale in 2025 😉

Big ups for the double milestone. Knocking out that 70 and orca status both are monumental achievements.
You started just a few months before me on here, happy to see we both have remained consistent.
Looks like you and I both crossed over to orca in the past week. Feels great doesn’t it?

They can call us killa whales now. We do much more than just splash. Beware of our impact 🌊

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First I want to congratulate you on your "ORCA" status
Then, ask yourself two questions:

When you say:

Unless people are willing to play for the long game , we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

1.- What does it mean to "play for long game in HIVE?

2.- Could you give me some advice on the relationship between Leo and Twitter?

Thank you

Nice one :)

It took me 3 years to make it to 50k + too. Nice timing on the ETH trades!

Thanks man. You were one of the people that i looked up to all the way here. Post and grow consistently.

It seemed like a good time to pull some eth out. It feels like the legs are running out of the bull market. It's shouldn't crash as hard as last time but taking some profits to be safe.

Glad that you stuck around and bought when possible.

I think this could be the calm before the crazy later this year, but good to take some off the table in any case, or buy a bit of Hive like we have both done :)

Onwards to 100k then!

That's great!
Congratulations 👍👍👍

Thanks. It's always fun to stake more hive and grow.

Congrats on orca man you’ve been hell bent on it for so long glad you finally smashed it that’s a huge achievement being in the top 300! Now to do it worth your favourite tribes lol

Ya. It's been a tough ride to get to here and it took a lot of time and effort.

Feels good to achieve a personal goal of mine and it's only the start of the journey. we have years left in this place yet and who knows what that might bring.

Hey congratulations!

Have a !BBER

Thanks man. Lots more to come.


Thanks. It's been a fun ride.

Congrats on the orca-hood niallon11. That's some high power accumulation you've been doing. Also, rep 70 ain't nothing to sniff at when you get there honestly. I remember passing 70 and being absolutely made up.

I seem to remember chatting with you back in the day on whaleshares discord when whaleshares was a community on steem. How time flys, and hopefully things are on the way up since hive came into existence and we got rid of many of the problems of centralization that stinc broght to the table 😂

All the best.

That's an awesome achievement. Congratulations! :)

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