2021 Goals. Getting back on target.

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Since I have first joined the hive eco-system almost 4 years ago I have been setting targets and posting about my progress. They started at the bottom and kept me motivated all the way up to becoming an Orca before xmas. Since then I have been very busy with life, work and college. I have lost my focus but have never lost my hustle.

Since I have achieved my last goal before the xmas it is now time to set some new ones for this year.

I will keep it very simple and hive focused.

Hive 100k
Leo 10k
CTP 5k

When I look back on the last day of the year I want to see these numbers in my account.


It doesn't matter how I get there but the plan will be to keep up the hustle and keep stacking. These are my long term tokens, so the goal is always to buy and never to sell.

What I have noticed over my time on hive is that the bigger you can grow your account. The more you will make in the long run. i know that might sound fairly obvious but I mean in the bigger sense of things.

Earning, curation, returns, airdrops ect... Having more hive leads to more profits and investment opportunities.

If you can build your main stack up high it touches on lots of different areas.

With the prices in crypto rocketing at the moment it's not a bad time to pull some out and buy more hive. If I can get up to 100K it is easy to delegate to @leo.voter and earn daily returns there to grow that stack.

A lot of people don't appreciate the value of the hive token but over time it will be massively important to have built up your account as everything does tie back to that in the end.

For now I am sitting on,

62k Hive
2500 LEO
2500 CTP

These are all very achievable goals if I put in the time and effort to keep growing.


I plan to keep this up for the next 5 years and not just this one. Every year it gets better and every year it gets bigger.

The best advice that I could give to anybody starting is just to keep at it. Connect with people, learn what you can and keep stacking it up. Over time you will thank me for it.

I will break this down properly at the end of the month and add some pretty graphs and targets but this is just my jumping off point to growth.

Have fun out there.

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Yep you are doing well and have pulled away from me just a little lately. I will catch you somehow over the next 5 years. I have the same thoughts by growing your Hive you can grow everything else. I did lose focus as I wanted LBI in my portfolio as that was just too important not to have and now back growing Leo and Hive again along with sports and CTP. At the end of the day this is going to pay off and fun at the same time.

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Just grinding away, the same as you. I know that this is the best time possible to build a stack of hive and Leo with what is going on across the chain. If users 10x at any stage your rewards are going to drop massively so now is the time for hard work.

I have been building my portfolio too and used my hive stake so I need to get back on top of growing it again. We will both get there over time. The growth just speeds up every year.

Amazing goals you have, even if they seem very tough, with your hard work, I think they can be achieved. One small correction, the account to delegate to is @leo.voter as this is in average returning 16%/year. :)

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Thanks man. It's great fun to grow and build the account. Anything is achievable with enough hard work work and effort.
Your right about the account too. That's who I delegate some to so might change it in the post to avoid confusion. Thanks.

Glad to see your goals going so well. I am staking away all I can. I hope to start putting some fiat in instead of doing what I have been doing up to now which is earning through blogging. Hopefully, as this bloody virus gets brought under control and I can get back to proper work and start investing more. I am sure Projectblank will be big for you.

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I'm going to move some other tokens to hive soon and take my profits. This is the only one that I care about and want to build the stack up nice and high.

I think we are all sick of the virus at this stage and mad to get back to real life. It's not getting any better and the government aren't helping the situation at all.

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I think 100K Hive is a no-brainer - maybe a bit of a push in one year, especially if the price goes balistic, but then again, I doubt if you'd mind that too much!

I'll keep buying up small amounts for now with some of the other tokens and interest in getting. It won't be easy but it will get me focused.

I love having those targets and motivation to keep growing.

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