Believers in Bitcoin are retiring speculators.

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Judging from the market performance in the past two months, this sentence is correct. DeFi's liquidity mining brought about a huge speculative bubble, and then the bubble burst, we saw a sharp drop in the DeFi concept currency, and the scene is very similar to the 2018 ico bear market.

The DeFi concept currency market fluctuates like ocean waves, while Bitcoin's fluctuation during the same period is less than 10%. New entrants in 2020 will basically skip Bitcoin to play DeFi, and buy Bitcoin this year, and there are basically no investors .

According to the analysis of on-chain data from the A.TOP Asian Exchange Research Institute, the number of Bitcoin accounts (Holders) that have not moved for more than 90 days is increasing sharply, and the number of accounts that have moved within 90 days (Speculators) is disappearing (pictured).

To put it simply, there are more and more addresses that have been hoarding coins, regardless of whether they have been hoarded for one year or two years, they have repeatedly hit new highs.

The essence behind this is the entry of institutional clients and big players. The giant whale buying coins follows the logic of "asset allocation", but transactions are secondary, and they will not be shipped after a daily increase of 5%. This is like buying funds, real estate, and insurance. People buy the same day and sell the next day.

This underlying logic means that the giant whale has regarded Bitcoin as a strategic reserve asset like real estate, funds, and insurance.

For example, the hot search on a listed company before buying Bitcoin:

The CEO not only bought tens of thousands of bitcoins and kept them frozen in the cold wallet, but also believed that 99.92% of the bitcoins would be "frozen" in the cold wallet in the future.

That's right, the DeFi concept currency is still playing hot, and Bitcoin is being received by giant whales and frozen. A. TOP Asian Exchange reminds traders not to be jealous of short-term gains and losses, let alone exchange bitcoins for the sake of "new". What you put down now may be the best in the future.

In the future, 99% of Bitcoin will not belong to ordinary people. If one day in the future, you take the btc contract certificate printed out after the institution hoards coins, and then happily do contract transactions, will you suddenly remember that you once had even 0.1 Bitcoin in your wallet, but it was sold by you Lost.

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