Sell Your Splinterlands Cards Fast with dec101 - Promo Edition

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With OtterMaker being shut down, there is a hole that needs to be filled in the Splinterlands ecosystem. And we're going to fill that hole.

Introducing @dec101

@dec101 is simple. Send your cards to @dec101, and you will receive 101% of the DEC burn value in return. This works with any card: alpha, beta, reward, promo, untamed, gold, regular, combined, uncombined. 

Cards that work best for @dec101 are those that either:

  •  you don't want to wait the long periods of time that it might take to sell or 
  • cards that are selling for under 10% premium compared to their burn value due to the 5% market fee

Introductory Promotion Rates

As an introductory promotion, @dec101 is paying 104% of the burn value. So an untamed common worth 10 DEC will get you 10.4 DEC. A beta legendary worth 1,500 DEC will get you 1,560 DEC.

So if you are looking to sell your cards fast, send them to @dec101.

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For those of us who are mathematically challenged, could you give us an example of the sums to work out

"cards that are selling for under 10% premium compared to their burn value due to the 5% market fee"?

Ta! 😊


So you can check the price feed on peakmonsters at the top of the market page:

The $0.000762 means that the game is valuing 1 DEC as 0.000762 US dollars. Said the other way, 1 USD is worth 1312 DEC.

With that, we can do a little math and come out here:

So let's say you have a Battle Orca

The asking price is 0.049, but it looks like it's actually selling at 0.020. This reward card follows the Untamed burn rates, so it's burn value 0.0305. If you want to wait however long and sell at 0.049 (61 DEC after fees), maybe that will work out. But if you want to sell quickly, it's better to send to @dec101 and get 41.6 DEC. And that's way better than selling for 0.020 (25 DEC after fees).

Thanks so much for that explanation, especially for including the visuals. That's a huge help! 💙

now to find a service that replaces the account delegation service from otterworks... now that would be amazing

Yeah, I'm thinking about it. There are some issues that need to be solved.

anything that you need specifically? I cannot code but I have some resources and connections

No it's not a technical challenge. The issue is how to structure things so people don't ruin it.

Cheers Neal :D
Good stuff.