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Hey guys, quick announcement, starting Monday the 18th of January at 3:00 PM. Eastern, I am starting a new show called the Tax Sherpa stories. And on this show, I'm going to be talking about, things I've learned from clients, , crazy stories that I've run into, finance stuff, markets.

And, also your question. So, you know, it's a live discord show. It's a tiny forward slash tax stories. T a X S T O R I E S. And that'll take you to the discord channel where you can participate in the live show, and you can ask your questions, we'll go over things. So the first segment of the show is going to be.

Some kind of story each week. And the first episode is going to be about my story in taxes. And I've got quite a doozy of a one. Have you ever owed seven figures to the IRS? Cause I have. And I'll tell you about how all that happened. And after that we'll have the Q and a part. I have some people who've already mailed in questions.

Some people that I've asked ahead of time, but if you're in the chat, then. You will take priority. So you'll get your questions answered first. And depending on the questions, obviously we may or may not record them and we'll see how that all shapes up. But then the replay, like the Monster Maverick Show will be put up on YouTube and we'll start to be put out on the podcast networks.

So hope to see you there. Talk to you soon.

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What is the craziest things one of your clients tried to deduct from their taxes?

Craziest is hard to pick. All kinds of fun stuff. I'll add that one to the list though

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This is a great idea for content that can become a substantial podcast. I'll jump on today for the 2nd half of it (sched conflict).

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Yeah, I'm excited for it. Look forward to seeing you there!

Hi @nealmcspadden
I love the idea of your show, and I think it’s a great content niche!
I look forward to seeing the first show.

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I think it went well. Replay coming tomorrow.

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This is a great new content area, and human interest slant on it. I think it will be successful!
I will try to join.

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I thought it was fun, but I may be biased.

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I watched the replay. Good show, glad you dodged the IRS, I didn’t know about the 3 year rule, but I wasn’t sure if you meant the 3 year clock started when you filed or when you were suppose to file or does it start when the IRS contacts you?

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It's 3 years from the filing date (in most cases).

So April 15, 2021 is for filing 2020 taxes. So the 2020 tax year will be "open" until April 15, 2024.

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