How to Make a LeoFinance Post About Toe Fungus

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Someone came into the discord this morning asking if they could post medical content on

Obviously, the answer is no. Leo is for finance and crypto content.

Marky then jumped in saying he wanted to make a post about toe fungus. And there's always a way!

So in this video I go over how I would make a finance post that was relevant to LeoFinance about toe fungus.

Special bonus: While I was recording the video, $BTC broke 20k!!!

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 2 months ago 

So the basic problem is, can/should you shoehorn certain topics on a topic-specific tribe?


  • People occasionally engaging on broad topics, like the water-cooler at work.
  • Creates a challenge for authors (like this post).


  • People are collecting rewards for off-topic posts.
  • Incentivizes low-effort topics.

Hivemind has (or had) the ability to "flag" posts as off-topic, which gave the moderators information to decide if a post should be muted. The flags were information only, not consensus votes, though they used the term "flag" which was unfortunate.

I think it'd be great to expand the flag notion to allow moderators to add moderation tags to posts, as opposed to flat out muting them. This would come in handy for NSFW and off-topic posts. Curators who want to filter out these topics would be able to do so.

See: Accidental Tribe Tagging

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I had no idea that functionality existed.

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Well done. Fell off my chair laughing. LEO Finance has found its resident comedian! It takes a special mind to come up with a video like this!

LEO Finance can be funny

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Good one @nealmcspadden, I think you gave him another answer too :) i.e. how to post that in Leo. LOL

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