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RE: SIM down again - but now I am president (again)!

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If peoplelooked at the Sim price in terms of USD, it's probably close to peak. Hive was at 11cents a couple of months ago when SIM was at 0.004, Need to look at the overall pic and not just our little universe . Good luck with the Presidency :-)

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This is a good point! It could be valuable to cross compare the SIM price in HIVE to the HIVE price in USD!

I think it is like 50% down from the peak - I am not referring to fat-finger-peaks, but when Hive danced around 70c, the SIM was already down but still not as low as today.
Just nitpicking as I am in the camp that likes to point out how good the SIMUSD has run on monthly scale even when down over the last days/weeks.