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RE: dCity: A Few Questions?

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Get in discord mate but it looks like @dalz has you covered! Glad to see you on board. Aim for Sim income rather than population.
Thing is, it's a tinkering game. You can yourself tinkering for hours to adjust population, jobless , general efficiency etc there is so much too the game and then there is the trading aspect. The city helper bot in discord has all the info you need and lets you check out anyone's city. The main game map is simply an infographic, it's the number crunching that's the real game!


Yeah, I'm already in the discord channel.

Aim for Sim income rather than population.

Thanks... no technology then for you?

I bought the basic ones cheap, hence my love of windfarms at their low price and ability to generate 5 SIM each but I haven't spent loads on schools and unis just to get a 'chance' of free tech as they're very low earners.

I'm ranked about 140. Click on a city on the ranking board and you can see anyone's city to get an idea how the numbers are affected by the cards they hold.

I looked at your city, no education or creativity. Looks like a good way to go, though I suppose the thrill of winning some tech will be gone. Is the market flooded with dupes?

With tech, lots of dupes at T1,2 and 3. They don't stack either hence their low market price.

Dammit, I just spent far too much HIVE upgrading my city...

It's got way back now. You'll say to yourself "I'll just buy this to balance that" then youll spot something else and just buy one more card to adjust that, then you'll be studying the market looking for bargains and calculating the cards with the best value returns..... Lol..anyway, you're looking good so far! Don't forget, crime only happens if you have malls, banks and casinos so don't worry about crime rate too much and most people have cities in their alt accounts so they can send cards off to maintain balance or test things out!

Don't forget, crime only happens if you have malls, banks and casinos so don't worry about crime rate too much

I have none of those things and yet there's a 7% chance of me being robbed! Are you saying all my Police Stations are for nothing and the cops are sitting there playing cards and drinking tea?


They are wasters! They are taking the piss laughing their bollocks off because they have nothing to do!
Casinos can cost 400 in crime, shopping malls 75 and banks 150 but only one of the above amounts per day and only if you have some to be robbed of course!