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RE: Hive: Account Management System

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Perhaps we need to start focusing upon the idea of "Log in with Hive.

We need this.

Today the founder of musing reach out to me and I politely asked him to collaborate with Hive. In the future we will have many applications will have their own blockchain, so it’s important to have tools that allow applications(Dapp) that are not part of hive to connect hive.

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this is why keychain needs to be the ultimate app for log-ins.

Log in with keychain can become an alternative like "log in with Twitter/facebook".

Besides this, I think keychain needs on the mobile an QR code scanning thing for payments. This is not needed today but can be a big thing in the future ( with fixed HBD as a real stable coin, who knows).

The QR code thing on Keychain could be also used for log ins. you don't need to put a password into the browser. Scan the QR code and log in. Works already on other apps, and would be super cool for Hive.

Like a Hardware wallet that doesn't need to connect to the machine, you want to log in. The website sees because of unique URl you are agree with log in on keychain. Bam :)

Why i like it? this is something we could pitch to apps :)

keychain has to become something similar to Metamask.

We also need HIVE Hardware wallet!

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Agreed. And Hive does have an account management system that is built in and decentralized. This is something that is important for humanity going forward.

A lot of things being offered here, the list keeps growing.

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