Question to LEO community: How can we convince personal finance guru Mr. Money Mustache and his community Mustachians to join LeoFinance ?

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Recently, I've been listening and reading some personal finance blogs on the internet because I want to document my own personal finance journey with LeoFinance. Yesterday, I came across Mr. Money Mustache. I guess some of you already know his blog and Mustachians movement.

I saw he Tweeted about Bitcoin last month. I'm sure he must be into Crypto.

I know LEO community would greatly benefit him joining us. So please let me know your thoughts about my question in the comments.

Thank you in Advance.

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Start a LeoFinance Podcast and invite him and many others to discuss various topics on cryptocurrency.

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Money, lol honestly money talks though but the issue will become the site needs to generate more ad revenue to pay out content creators otherwise it's going to tank the LEO price.

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If he brings 100's followers to LeoFinance, surely more people want to advertise on Leo.

Also he and his community can take create their own token with HIVE too.

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we tell him that he will be banned and censored on twitter, he ignores it, than we all report him and he gets banned.

all jokes aside, he thinks there is no value in BTC, looks like he has a site with some sort of following. So i think he will not care, as most people don't.

we tell him that he will be banned and censored on twitter, he ignores it, than we all report him and he gets banned.

Sinister and maybe even effective.

We must be not afraid of asking regardless his believes.

When I see LeoFinance, I see Crypto Twitter 2.0 and also it has the potential to become the larger crypto community of personal finance.

So I think he is a good fit for LeoFinance and If we can convince someone who doesn’t even believe Bitcoin to join HIVE then we’re on the right track to bring more and more people to HIVE


haha my guy got the masterplan :D

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now that i think about it, this is the best way to onboard people. we just need to be really sneaky about it :D

find a user, tell him he can be banned and he should join hive. he ignores it, swarm of accounts reports him for some stupid thing he said. Then he says "hmm those people were right" LOL I think i am a genius! This is better even then underpants gnomes:


@ him and tell him about what we do. Tell him he can earn some serious extra money from it.

Thank you for your answer bro.

I was thinking he and his community can create $MMC token with HIVE

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His whole brand is about not spending money. I don't see him or his followers paying for hive power.

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I think people who don't spend money have lot of money to invest. For example, If 40 people join HIVE because him they can collectively invest in HIVE and tokenise their community.

No matter what we need more people to join HIVE Network.

Businesses with strong network effects have always subsidized early adopters. Now, with tokens, they can outright pay early adopters.

Let's grow LeoFinace's Network effects by doing whatever we can

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tulips? lol not that smart😅

12 years old Bitcoin is in no danger - it has network effects.

Hope Mr. Money Mustache dig more into Bitcoin

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yes would be nice to see him come around and not stick with the likes of schiff lol

Let him know the hive platform will not censored content and the more upvotes he gets the more visibility in his content and make money. What is not to like about that?

He is an ideal candidate for LeoFinance community.

He recently Tweeted about Bitcoin and does not believe in it. I’ve already told him that he should join LeoFinance as response to his Bitcoin tweet.

We have gotta keep asking and telling people about HIVE

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