My HIVE-Engine wallet is now worth 50% of my HIVE wallet.

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Screenshot 20210220 at 11.42.32.png

Screenshot 20210220 at 11.48.02.png

Happy to see more HIVE based tokens and super excited for future of second layers tokens!

Good times are ahead for our HIVE community.

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Mines the same, hive-engine tokens only going to get better when diesel pools are all up and running fully.

Second layer tokens are the future of HIVE

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My LEO is worth almost $2000. Not bad considering I don't specifically work on it.

Second layer tokens are the future of HIVE

Tokenised communities are the future of HIVE

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Feeding that hive engine, being consistent with posting, and hodling does some pretty magical stuff when hive pumps!

Gotta love that hive engine though, so many great projects in there

HIVE-Engine will be integral part of Community tokenisation and smart contracts on HIVE

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Congrats ,you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on CTPTalk .
You made a total of 1 comments and talked to 1 different authors .
Your rank is 15 .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

And whats up what your other wallets what are out from Hive world ?? 👌👌👌 can we see them also ? BTC,ETH... jan.

I only have HIVE & LEO

HIVE Maximalist

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you are rich with LEO

LEO is gonna make many people rich!

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And My Hive-Enigine wallet is > 6x of my Hive wallet.

Stacking everything , Hive and all HE tokens.

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This is a sign of HIVE ecosystem growth!

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I hope and believe that the future of Hive and second level tokens will be spectacular! :)

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This is just the beginning of second level tokens of HIVE

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Damn you hold a lot of Leo bro :D

Not selling LEO or HIVE until 2025

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Me neither, I just dont hold that much haha :p

That's pretty impressive indeed.


Thank you dear.

LEO has more potential than HIVE

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Perhaps, but does not in any way suit my content arena.

I completely understand.

Tokenised communities are the future of HIVE and I can't wait to see you

Are you planning to create (or already created) your own community token with Hive-Engine ?

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Not yet. Something I have contemplated, but not reached a decision as yet.

Be patient with results. Impatient with actions

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Mine is worth more. 😂 I probably need to shift some balances.
The main reason is probably all the miner and fund tokens that generate passive income.

In the long run almost everyone's HIVE-Engine tokens value will be worth more than HIVE.

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How come no LBI?

I will add some LBI :)

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Mhmn looking very good - got any guides as to how we can earn these tokens I’m good for Leo for example but for PALNET and the others is there any way to earn these other than trading? 👀

Thank you for asking me and I wish I could guide you.

I’m currently only focusing on Leofinance & Hive Twitter.

My advice is to ask the founding team of individual hive engine tokens

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That is actually some good advice thank you!



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