Let’s talk HIVE : Going Live on Twitter in 30 minutes

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If you’re free, please feel free to join the conversation live on Twitter.

It’s a spontaneous one.

First step towards me trying to figure out a strategy for $HIVE + $ADA partnership.

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Hi Nathan!

I'm just dropping into your recent post here on Hive... Our digital home!

You, my friend, have done so much for this blockchain. I think that when you came back... Well this place felt more like home after that.

Thank you for putting yourself on the frontlines for Hive over and over again. You inspired me with the #Seven77 challenge before... and now your inspiring me to up my game once again! 🙌

It's because you have thrown yourself heart and soul into this community that I have decided to vote for your witness with the three accounts that I manage here on Hive: @wil.metcalfe @adventureready @beachready

Keep on doing what you do. I am backing you up everywhere that I can. You got heart and I think it's in the right place brother!


Truly appreciate it brother.

2021 is a mega year for HIVE!

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I believe the same as well! All that economic energy stored in BTC has got to go somewhere... and when it does it's going to be a doozy! 🤑

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.