If you aren’t thinking about HODLing for ten years, don’t even think about investing in Crypto

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This is the first thing I tell people when I speak to them about Crypto.

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Long term thinking is super healthy for your own life.

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I agree that people should invest with a long term strategy in mind. However, cryptocurrency. IMHO should think in terms of using and not just HODLing crypto.

The primary reason to buy and power up LEO and HIVE is so that one can effectively use the service.

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IMHO should think in terms of using and not just HODLing crypto

HIVE & LEO are different kind of Investment beast. Because our community, learning, creating and connecting to people while investing.

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Plan is to HODL at least for the next 5 years, where I will my 10 years cycle complete. I did sell some in 2017, so I could set a restart to the timer. In 10 years we will definitely be financial free with crypto.

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In 10 years we will definitely be financial free with crypto.

Exactly Alex!!

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Man, I hope we can travel soon to meet and have some brainstorms like you have organized in Krakow!

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Let's make it happen bro!

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That is what we are doing! When we are close to launch, we would need some lit messages and persons to target them.

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While I agree I do believe people should take profit if they want to. While a 100x future return is tempting the 10x they're sitting on right now could be life changing.

What people shouldn't do is dabble in trading. I learned that the hard way. I was trying to be a genius and timing some dips but ended up losing 7% of my portfolio in the process.

My tips: Hold. Take profits if you want. Never trade.

Most people are very bad at trading.

Crypto is giving an opportunity for everyone to be an investor.

Hold. Take profits if you want. Never trade.

Love your tips : )

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I don't agree on that. For some it's quite profitable to invest even if they do that for a couple of months or a few years. I have put most of my money that I got in crypto at the beginning of 2018, but I have the feeling that this year I will sell almost all of my holdings. I do expect some decent profits and wish to reinvest during the bear market.

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There is many formula for investing. Long term BUIDL & HODL is something that suits me the most. I'm still learning & adopting.

You gotta do what works for you. We all have different ways of thinking about investment.

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