I read all comments and reply I receive Hive.blog and LeoFinace.io apart from muted accounts.

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If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten

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I used to do:

  • Check all of my mentions on HIVE.
  • Check all of my notifications on Twitter.
  • Read and Reply to all my comments and replies on HIVE.
  • Read all my Twitter replies.
  • Reply to all Twitter DMs.

These are some of the rules I created for myself for my HIVE journey. As an Extreme Minimalist I do really struggle with multitasking and doing things I don't really enjoy. Because I do try to treat everyone with respect and appreciation. I was always looking to eliminate activities I do on a daily basis.

Now I decided to just write on bottom of future content the following and allow myself to focus on the bigger picture for my future and our HIVE's future.

I appreciate your upvotes, comments, shares. I do read your comments and replies with hive.blog and LeoFinance.io. Please note I've stopped checking HIVE mentions. I tried not to follow any rules for my Twitter journey.

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The sad part is when you are so active and you want to vote every one's comment, but the voting value is so shit you need to use 50% or 100% weight.

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Your rutine is checking mentions , notifications on Twitter, reading and replying to all comments and replies on HIVE, reading all Twitter replies. It seems that you are an active person.

Yes. I'm always trying to keep my body and mind active. And of course HIVE and Twitter.

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It's good to stay active and do that engagement work, sometimes it takes a long time

sometimes it takes a long time.

Hopefully with 1 seconds block time with HF25 and LeoFinance upgrades to lightning Network things will get faster.

Bitcoin is not the fastest Crypto but it has the strongest network effects and solid grassroots community movements. HIVE doesn't have all the cool features Facebook has at the moment but HIVE is the best censorship resistant protocol with strong decentralised community.

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Wow! That's a lot of commitment. I hope I'm not adding much to your workload. I've come across your blog and you've got lots of good stuff to read. Thanks for all the good stuff you're doing on Hive 💛👊

I appreciate your encouragement.

You deserve it! You've been making some good content and real curation here. that must be appreciated.