Connect the dots. Remember Binance and SteemHostileTakeover ?

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Don't believe what they say. Watch what they do.

Gentle reminder bought by Binance and Binance participated in Steem Hostile takeover.

One of the person I really admire in crypto is CZ_Binance and I still believe his words after the hostile takeover. I guess time will tell.

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This kind of corporate bundling goes against the concept of decentralization.
I've been using coingecko instead of coinmarketcap for a while now. Hopefully that one is not compromised.

CG for the win! I think it’s just a bunch of friends running it. Seems cool still!

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CoinGecko all the way for crypto info with a user-friendly interface. !wine

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we have coingecko, so all is ok for me.

I remember what CZ said after his exchange use the customer’s fund to support steem hostile takeover.

It’s not about it’s about the connection of Binance and Steem hostile takeover

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I would not build on that. If steem should collapse, we can hit this up.

Dang. Forgot about the acquisition. Do you use CoinGecko? Thanks.

I do use both but I was curious and patient to find out true colours of CZ.

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Yes he is also part of that bittrex tether fiasco. Playing neutral when in reality trying to find what ever way they can to scam people and make money doing it they will do it.

Yeah.. CMC has lost my faith a year ago

You think CZ is going to take Steem over from JS?

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That might be their original plan. Time will tell

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Thanks a lot for ointing this out!
They are both Chinese companies and they could be friends (Justin Sun & CZ). They could be planning for a mega blockchain social media project. IIRC Tron had their ICO on Binance and they were talking about some blockchain content publishing or something similar. It'd be great if anyone could find some archived copies of websites.

I have nothing against anyone.

Decentralisation must win!

That's true. China has their own digital currency now! We need to spread real decentralized solutions as much as possible.

Well, not surprised seeing such Tweet

I love CoinGecko.. I use it every day. 😋👌👌

and now we understand everything ... thanks for the info