Congratulations to BNB HODLers. BNB became top 3 crypto currency toddy. I love CZ Binance. I honestly think he is a humble and honest guy.

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Remember reading this Tweet last year and I wrote a call to action HIVE post and our community responded to CZ’s Tweet and he showed that he is taking any side when it comes to HIVE & STEEM.

One of his responses was we’re extremely early with decentralised media protocol that turn users into owners.

I wanted to take this moment to congratulate CZ and the BNB HODLers for becoming 3rd largest cryptocurrency today.

Within next few years we can collectively put HIVE into top 20.

Let’s keep Shilling HIVE


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Congratulations to CZ

we can collectively put HIVE into top 20.

Hopefully. That will be Pretty Nice

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Let's do this boy!

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