Another HIVE Partnership or Another brand war ?

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Today I came across this Tweet and was excited, thought $HIVE and $WAX has done some partnership. Looks like there is no connection to HIVE at the moment. I asked them via Twitter if they’re planning to partnership with HIVE in the future.

If you know someone who is part of $WAX community then please let them know about the brand name.


One thing for sure our collective efforts on growing brand awareness and growing HIVE network effects is working. We need to take our HIVE Twitter movement to next level and can’t wait for the projectblank of LeoFinance.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to take HIVE Twitter marketing to the next level please let me know.

Thank you

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It is for the @splinterlands connection I believe.
Now you can add your splinterlands cards as NFTs on WAX

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Hive is such a generic name. I think we will have many brand wars

Can't argue with that.

Rebranding in the future will solve these kind of issues.

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Rebranding isnone approach. However, in the future, I doubt it will matter, since most activities will be on Leofinance and similar front ends.
Also, when SMTs finally roll out, Hive might just be a governance token and nothing more.

Brand war, I checked it after you commented.

Looks like it..

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what the brand war, ifferent producat under the same name. sorry for the noob question.

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No noob questions here at all mate. Brandwar means, it does not relate or it does not do anything with the Hive Blockchain ;) same as HIVE TECHNOLOGIES.

ah know I understand. Thank you so much for the explaination.

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