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RE: Hive: A Flywheel Approach

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I would imagine that if we just had more Hive Accounts venture out of their comfort zone and experience the Blockchain,that would give us a boost from the inside,as an example if you have a LeoDex or Hive Engine Account you can buy NFT's on the showroom with ease, I would have shopped NFT's sooner had I known how easy it was. I am excited about Hive it's an evolutionary revolution of social media, tokenized communities, Defi etc. We will hit that magic moment naturally, but with the community openly working the marketing on top of the Dapps, will speed up and create a larger platform, Hive is going to be my vehicle to gain real independence!


Ease of use is something that needs a great deal of attention. We made strides in many areas but are lagging in others. We will see how the development goes but I hope they keep ease of use in mind when creating stuff.

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