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RE: Facebook to charge if you don't give them your data

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There will be positives and negatives both from this, the positives will be that people will be discouraged to use FB if they implement this payment system and that's good that people get away from this crap of controlled information, and the negatives will be that people who use it to promote their businesses and work will have to shell out something additional from their pockets.
Some years ago I had started my page on FB promoting my Meditation and Yoga site, and it would hardly get any visibility by itself, I would get a payment notification if I wanted to make my posts visible. So anyways I guess they are already having their control mechanisms now also, as to which content will get noticed and which will not.

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Yea, that's true.

I have a few friends who tried to advertise their business on Facebook but they gave up because if you don't keep paying them, you will keep losing visibility and reach.

Things are a lot less organic in there than they lead people to believe.

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