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RE: How Early Are We In The Crypto Game?

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No i highly doubt i mean like Litecoin. Litecoin is likely following the pattern of bitcoin. It's probably likely Litecoin distribution is even several times worse than bitcoin and every bitcoin fork for the most part. Bitcoin distribution is poorer than any major asset class in existence i'm sure.

I agree with this point.. ."Real money has really weird properties.
Like it can't be accumulated, nor can it be skimmed. (but these are not the correct terms, something along the lines of you cannot make getting money for money's sake a thing.)

Yes like staking to no end and seemingly this is what we do in most crypto projects. Bitcoin for example is no more valuable at $1 than it is at $100k. Speculation can push it to any value. We don't know the real value and large scale manipulation can achieve such things quite easily. So yes i agree with your point about the cycle of money. That's why at best i rate and value crypto projects on users and network. The more " attention value" the possibility of more value.

So to me for the most part cryptocurrencies haven't garnered enough attention value. It has the attention of institutions but not really retail investors.

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