Bitcoin has achieved new ATH of $33,000

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The price of bitcoin has reached the highest level in history and the price of one bitcoin has exceeded 30,000 US dollars. The value of this virtual cryptocurrency rose to a record high on Saturday, reaching $33,000.

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The price of the bitcoin has been rising over the past few weeks, reaching a record high of $20,000 in December last year. The value of the bitcoin has multiplied in the past as well, due to large investors investing in it for immediate profit.

Some experts believe that in the aftermath of the spread of the COVID-19 in the world, investors consider the bitcoin to be safe for their assets. But experts believe that the value of this bitcoin will continue to fluctuate and its value may increase with the further depreciation of the dollar.

Although the value of the dollar rose with the onset of the corona virus outbreak in March as investors considered investing in dollars safe in the face of uncertainty. Then the US government launched a major bailout package, due to which its value decreased.

It has recently been recognized by PayPal as an online payment currency. PayPal is one of the first companies to recognize digital currency for online payments. However, investing in cryptocurrencies is considered highly volatile.

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investing in cryptocurrencies is considered highly volatile.

I think, its changing for sure - otherwise we would not have seen this price.