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Food is essential, we know that. All of us need it to survive. No matter how essential to us. We can't have it if we don't have money to buy from it. Of course, for those who feel the hassle of making their own food. Money comes first before food. Well, we can do everything because of money. No need to mention it in details. We are all aware of how important it is.

What if we can lessen our expenses in buying food? What if we will just focus on the usage of money in making us rich? Instead of worrying about the money to spend on buying food. We will just use the money to become richer. Like using our money in investing and just life necessity. We will not feel afraid if we don't have money left in our pocket. We can always find a way to earn money as long as we have a full stomach.

Time may come that we will be broke, bankruptcy or very poor that even single cents are nowhere to find. We should not hope to let it happen but just a presumption. If we don't have that we will not think of giving up because there is food. That's all we need to survive and money matters will come after.

If you have land or you can rent land. Don't waste that opportunity and grow your own food. You may spend so much sweat while working. You may fall into tears because of tiredness. The thing is, money is already there. All you need to do is work on it and dedicate yourself to it. You don't need to spend money on working lands. It's up to you to decide how you will manage it. But if you don't want to spend because you're thrifting. It's fine, the weather will not ruin all your hard work. There will always be a fruit of that sweat. It may not happen right away but you know there will be.
Even if you're already rich. Even if food can't affect your daily earnings. Why not save it and prepare it for another project. What will you ask for when you're always ready for something that might come up in terms of spending money. You will have money to spare if an emergency arrives. This will only happen when you don't use the money for your food. You need a large amount of money for basic food after all.

It's simple but it's a way of investment. You're investing time and effort in growing your own food. It's an investment as well because you're saving an amount. Hard work is a type of investment. You don't need to waste your wealth. There is you to do those things and in the ending. It will only be you to catch or to have that money you're working hard. There are no taxes and other expenses. It's just you who will benefit from it all.

It's just like mining on the internet. The only difference is you don't spend too much money on it. Also, there will be no scam or phishing. You can assure that you will be earning money and you will not be spending money. It will not just make you rich or make your stomach full. It will give you a healthy body because of having exercises from working. What a wonderful feeling it might be. You have a healthy mind and body. Of course, you can have it in providing your food. You will feel less stress because of not worrying about money to spend on buying food.

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