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RE: The First wHIVE Was Just Minted on the ETH Blockchain

in LeoFinance7 months ago

Still thinking about this ... there's already wBTC and now wWHIVE.

I wonder if this will inspire communities from the other main chains (DASH, Monero, XRP, NEO, Binance, etc, etc) to create their own 'w' (wrapped) tokens on ethereum?
And then I wonder if some of these new wrapped tokens that come on to ethereum will be added to MakerDAO as collateral for DAI minting, thus bringing more value to their own chain and the DeFi ecosystem as a whole?
Will these communities start to add proposals on MakerDAO to be added as collateral?


I think this Defi thing is a game changer for sure. Will make the ICO craze look tame probably. People will obviously just go absolutely nuts with it until it blows up Bitconnect style. Its a little over my head still at the moment but what i do know is that when unlimited amounts of money can be made it will A go nuts and B probably end in tears.