Leofinance : My Metamask Wallet and Registration with Blocktrades|| Never too late to join crypto

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Hello Hiveians

Today I officially decided to start my journey into finance and crypto
After going through some post on hive and leofinance, I got some ideas on how to register into some wallets with some important apps

I connected my hive account with metamask and transferred some hbd to ethereum , I had to try it out with a little amount in case I make a mistake.

Registration into blocktrades was easier than I thought.

Learning about new things in crypto and finance can never come late, its gradual, there is just a whole lot to learn about how to trade.

Thanks to leofinance am sure I can get all the good advice




Screenshot from my Android tablets, this is getting exciting

Thanks for viewing my blog,


Hello dear friend @ monica-ene good day
congratulations you have taken a very important step
have a wonderful day

Thank you very much, hope your day is coming on well.
Have a perfect day

Please @monica-ene I am willing to join. Tell me more.....

Its very easy, download a metamask app and register for an ether account...

From there you can link your hive wallet for transfer of funds