A Bloody fight for human rights || Should we back down now, running away can't be the best choice

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Last night was a total unrest, I completely lost my sleep, I got over burdened that I can't keep this in.
Hot arguments in every whatsap group I belong. Some are of the opinion that we listen to the government while others believe that obeying this government is not the way out anymore, not even a curfew can stop these protest.
I have always known that running away from a problem isn't the best solution, it only postpones the problem for another day.
Some are on the side that retreating to save ones life at this critical moments when what's seems like a peaceful protest for our fundamental human rights has become a war between the government and its citizens,. But wouldn't that be that we are keeping this fight for freedom to another day?.

Is this the best time to back down?

The government is not ready to change any of the laws and policies that is working for them, these corrupt leaders have put up laws that allows them to earn high income not minding what is left for the poor masses, they are not government for the people, they are government for themselves, the countries currency has crashed, food and basic needs are on the high side and people are suffering.
Unemployed youth took to street to protest and the government gives order to fire bullets at peaceful protesters, are we to back down and save our lives now or fight this to the end?.
So many videos and tweets flying over the internet about these happenings and so many anonymous persons who have quality information's about what the government is planning underground cannot come out, nobody wants to be killed.


How can a government not see the difference between these two, sending hoodlums to attack your own people is way out of hand.
And now the flag is stained with the blood of your people



Nigerian needs help from bad government.

Mother Nigeria is crying for her freedom.


the whole world is governed into abyss..

I won't wear a mask but also don't look shops or anyone.

Hmmm... What can we do.
We desperately need a way forward

produce goods ourselves, open free markets, build a alternative (not system but market economy)

everyone needs to take responsibility and make themselves and their friends and family survive.

banks or credits wont help you.

That's an awesome comment, thank you