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RE: Could Yield Farming Work For Tipping Tokens

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This time this Beer was in perfect situation LOL


LOL exactly, now If we had market makers I could sell this beer easily and support the ecosystem having my fees on the trade stack up to reduce the supply so the more buying and selling the better for the price

You know that it is possible to be market maker at hive engine. Just go for it !
But - I think you need to pay some to get access to the service.

Yes I know, I just need to buy more BEE since you need 100 per market you set up and i'm still testing out profit potential before I jump in fully and make more markets

Go and buy them ! Run and buy it (will not tell I already bought and want the price go up )


Have Arsenal cooperation with Wow! Your club goes crypto

Yeah I’m not happy about it I don’t care much for gambling! Lots of kids watch arsenal and now we promote gambling to them

Thats a Good point!