Solana Hackathon - Community Vote! Airdrop potential???

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$5000 Community Favourite Prize

The latest Solana Hackathon has just ended. You can see the announcement tweet here.

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One of the many prizes available is the $5000 Community Favourite award. As the name suggests, this prize is determined by the votes of the general community.

The projects

You can find the list of all projects on this page.

solana hackathon projects.png

At my count there are 231 projects to choose between!!!

I'll be having a look through to dig out some of the more interesting offerings and I'll post up what I find.

There's previously been quite a lot of DeFi development so I'll be more interested in looking at other areas.

In particular there's a Gaming + NFTs category which interests me. Solana has very low fees so decentralised games built around smart contracts are a possibility. And NFTs with low fees and auctions should also feature.

Airdrop potential

There's also the possibility of an airdrop to voters. I've seen one mention of this already on twitter, although nothing is ever guaranteed.

Still if there's a project that interest you, voting for it can't hurt and any airdrop would be a welcome bonus!

I'll let you know what I find!

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