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RE: Ethereum Outreach and Onboarding Initiative | Earn 400 HIVE + 550 LEO

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you seem to be very knowledgeable about crypto currencys ,I was wondering if you could tell me how to withdraw my Steem from steemit I have powered down hit the sell button and it then redirects me to poloniex to which I do have an account its at this stage I'm lost .hopefully you can help thanks mike


Go on your steem account at poloniex and search for deposit, get your deposit address from there and probably a memo. The go to your steemit wallet, click send and fill the address and memo you oicked from poloniex, click send, done.

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Thanks very much I’ll give it a try.cheers mike

I’ve found the address on poloniex but can’t find anywhere in my steemit wallet to paste it . Thanks mike

Go on and login. Then go on your wallet and follow the steps below.
Fill here. Where is the "to" fill the poloniex address and in memo the memo you found also on poloniex. Choose the amount and send. You will probably need your active key.

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