Leo Price prediction, if you're in the game HODL

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What an amazing start to 2021 watching the final moments of a bull run end the 2020 calendar year the crypto market looks to be bearish.

With slight sharking occurring and a current battle underway to maintain current prices with massive amounts of assets being transferred to stable coins which lay in wait for the next bear run which will provide a new bull run.

Fortunately I withdrew my measley $US100 and put it straight into Leo. A great new start up on the Hive Blockchain which experienced some teething issues nearly wiping the coin from existence. But it has re-emerged a clear leader and draw card to the Hive blockchain.

In short a blogging alternative when typically needed to wait for internet traffic and kick start an adsence account watching as most your profits trickle in (at ever) Leo provides financial bloggers the ability to earn as they go without the added fuss. Pending a 7 day withdrawal period, this can cause some issues. My first few blogs got some good returns but by the time payout came Leo was booming and I didn't make as many coins. Important to note the value remains the same. Which is why it is always better to buy. Quick, easy and you get the coin instantly with any gains from.the coins value providing that extra growth instantly.

Price prediction

I've jumped on the Leo bandwagon purchasing at 4:1 Hive to Leo, not something I often do. A quick scan of my wallet will show you I'm predominantly a Hive man. I enjoy the upvotes, supporting new users, the multiple different communities all with ease and not having to switch between interfaces.

Leo is my exception, I see the value in the work the team is doing and the places this is going. Everyone is a financial blogger these days and everyone has a story to tell. At current having to trawl the internet looking for information is hard. Alot of bloggers go unnoticed and alot of information is missed.

As the network grows so to will Leo.

My price prediction for Leo by mid year will be $2 a coin.

Even with the bull market over and coins dropping, Leo continues to grow proving to be a safe way to store and continue earning so long as you keep producing content.

Any losses are countered by the strong community behind the coin and future advancements to the site will continue to build on the Leo coin.

If you're looking for a coin to work for you, than Leo is that coin.

Please note this isn't financial advice and you need to investigate all risks associated with your investment.

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Not sure about your price prediction mainly because once Leo does get into the couple of dollars region it wont hang around there for long. If it is 2 dollars by then great, it wont be long after that its in the 20s.

Yup, you said what I had in mind :)

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Right, I think a lot of holders are looking to divest once it gets close to 1 dollar.

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probably true. most people will have a dollar target for a sell. I was the same until i really thought about that supply problem.

The team behind Leofianace shows the potential to take this platform to a promising future to other upcoming updates that we will be seeing, interesting writing right now they are a little cheaper Leo

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I totally agree and the fact that you can also buy into wleo is a good option to continue to grow the network both on Hive and externally. Helps stablise the coin and maintains the price.

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Bull market over?? I’m not sure about that. Glad you’ve jumped into LEO as well.

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Hey, may your prediction of LEO Price be right!
Then we will all be happy.

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Don't hodl, stack!

I agree with you on alot of this and with a team that has consistently delivered quality updates it's refreshing to be part of the leo community.

I think that there will be bi things to come from the site as it grows and will hopefully be able to add to my account before it explodes.

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$2 would be a huge start! I am planning on buying ETH, LEO, and ADA in the coming days, good luck to all!

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I'm new to this and would you give me a recommendation, do I send everything to the staked or do I keep half and the other half to staked? I summarize a bit, I want to obtain economic benefits in a range close to one year for an immigration travel plan that I am going to carry out, if so, what would you recommend me to do?

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I think it depends on what you're setting yourself up to do, personally I blog for fun and all my rewards I stake and spend on Hive engine in other communities. There's a few good ones.

Staking provides you higher upvote power to curate others and inturn receive curation payouts.

I started out on Hive wanting enough to produce 1 hive coin a day but I find myself buying more, staking and then delegating to other communities so they can grow their members and upvotes.

I think it is important to remember that this blockchain is still new and users will continue to grow.

First, set a goal and figure out where you want to be and what you want out of it. Then plan from there.

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Of course, one of my main objectives is to grow together with the platform, I need to obtain an amount close to $ 800 by December of this year for a personal plan, but at the same time I do not want to simply power down and sell everything and leave my account at 0, for now my plan was that, my rewards would be 50% staked and 50% hold to sell it close to the date of my trip.

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