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Good day Leo and the broader Hive blockchain community I hope you're having a wonderful day and enjoying a somewhat stabilised cryptoshphere.

As soon as I see ETH and Bitcoin start pumping and a bullrun emerges I used to instantly get flooded with FOMO and try to figure out ways to profit. I think it's a normal feeling for everyone in this space, at the core of it we are here to build our assets.

Interesting enough again, that perspective is changed depending on where you are in the globe. For us in the Western world .10c US isn't worth bending over to pick up. Obviously if you have 7000 of them like I do then it holds a little wealth.

To me, it's still low in value and I'm slowly building both my Hive and Leo accounts. Noting that we have people from lesser economies on the platform people have been using it to buy food and pay for necessities. Which is why I have delegated most my hive out to community curation projects and smaller users. Eventually I will recall the delegations and move into another phase of curation contests and delegation events with significant amounts but at current I am building.

But that's not why I'm blogging today, today is about price predictions and strategy.

I've failed alot so I've learned a little and I continue to have 4 coins in my sights.


Hive being obvious as I am building my account and blogging daily, providing curation and utilising the blockchain.


Leo because I believe in the work underway, which you've heard me preach abit alot. But I want to talk about two other coins that are worth your attention, one of which got missed in the bull run but is experiencing significant growth and its own bull run and it is a project I think will be of great value and a long term hold.


Compound coin is a project on the ETH network I saw released quite some time ago, unfortunately I missed the low low price of $AUD89 back in July as I didn't have the funds to purchase it. However I slowly contributed to DAI as a short term savings account. Due to Dais stability I was able to slowly build up to an amount where I could purchase one Compound coin. Unfortunately the price was sitting at $AUD200 but its vision of providing liquidity and ability to earn interest means this coin will be a keeper on the ETH network and it is a first of its kind. They are bringing real world applications to the block chain. I'd anticipate the value of the coin to reach $AUD6000 so I want to start building a portfolio of the coin.

I'm not focusing on the bullrun at current as it has just been identified as a coin of value, which previously remained stagnant as we saw a booming crypto market.

So my advice to people entering the market it is always a good time to buy, pick a few projects you believe in, research them and invest small amounts. The price will fluctuate, you may get lucky and buy in early. But most of all if its a project you believe in, slowly build it up no matter it's value and in time. You will grow your asset. Your asset will inturn continue to grow over the years so what seems high now, will be low in the future.

I'll keep you posted on any compound updates and let you know how my portfolio goes.

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