Australian Universities Adopt Cryptocurrancy and Block Chain, the Future is here.

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Gooooood day Leofinance what a wonderful time to be alive and oh my what a year it has been so far. Cryptocurrancy or should we say block chain tech has gone from strength to strength. Its been roughly 10 years since Bitcoin was first unleashed on the world. What felt like years of oppression, attempting to regulate and destroy seems to never have existed.

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An important milestone has arrived, one that now cements blockchain far into the future. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a University located in Melbourne specialising in Tech and Australia's largest I might add and globally recognised and operating, has released courses in block chain.

You can see them here:

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Why is this an important milestone?

You might be shrugging your shoulders thinking meh? So? But this is just as important as Goldman Sachs entering the race. This is EDUCATION!

Education is the base for all innovation and agility, everything starts as an idea and grows through training, sharing of knowledge and building on what is there. Its how we share advancements and how we further refine them and it cements it in the current time and for the future.

Having a global technology education institution cement block chain in their faculty is enormous. It will drive more people to the sector and increase further knowledge and awareness of cryptocurrancy.

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So what are the benefit?

In short, Money, funding and employment. See, no one likes forking out cash to learn about something that won't make them money. The whole reason why someone goes to Uni is to get an education so they can get a job and earn cash. (Excluding Arts degrees, does anyone know what they are for? No offence if you have one)

Furthermore, education facilities don't run courses that aren't viable or in demand, especially a global technology education institution.

Beyond that I can already guess what's coming, integration and real world applications. At current it is slowly growing but with a University on board you will see crypto payment methods explode as students will problem solve and run trials of payment methods.

No doubt I bet RMIT cafe's will soon be accepted crypto and then I'll head down and pay for a coffee with some Hive :)

The Future is Here!

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Make no mistake, 2021 has brought with it two VERY important changes that will cement crypto into the future and ensure it's survival and implementation.

Goldman Sachs and now education.

As the saying goes, Education is key.

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Let's hope politics doesn't make its way into crypto like it did to education.

Enjoy some !WINE

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This is a good point, it will be harder for politics to interfere once money backs it. If an economy is built on block chain which means jobs it will cause regulators to run away from cancelling it.

Next rounds on me !WINE

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Wow, really a wonderful thing .. This will make crypto more prosperous and widespread ..

It definitely will, the more people that learn about it the more wide spread it becomes.

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Ya .. you're right

I spent one semester studying abroad at the University of Sydney. I wonder when they will follow suit and offer a course in blockchain!

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