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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Expectations

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Wise words. I often thought with some that you can lead a newbie to thought but you cannot make them think

Our some such bastardised saying. You get me!


Ahahahahaha. What? That made me giggle out loud.

Wayhay, a giggle these days is a splendid thing!! :0D

You could always try rubbing their face in it.

I find that to be a splendid teaching stool tool!

Worked for me!

Was it your face?

No it was what's its face.

Not him again!

I know! Next time I'll dig the hole a little bit deeper.

Always remember... Dig not holes, lest ye finds yourself holed

I hope these people don't think I'm picking on them, they are just the ones that came to mind! I need examples..

Last time I started doing this series, that Sun bloke bought Steemit and made a balls of it all. We don't see these so often now, and there are still newbies entering the arena. It's all been said before but needs churning out again.

It does need the saying. There will always be newbs arriving wondering how to pull the most out with the least effort. Or worse yet as you mentioned, the legit ones that get a good reward on that first post and then little for the subsequent ones and can't understand it and just shrivel away.

You have to be made of stern stuff to stick it out sometimes!

the subsequent ones and can't understand it and just shrivel away.

I have seen it time and time again, I struggled to find a good one for an example as I don't tend to follow new users right away unless they are exceptional (or Urban Explorers!)

I have seen it countless times too. Just the nature of the beast. Tis like a grand game and some people are just not very good at games!

Can't beat a bit of morning philosophy :OD

A wise man once said: You can lead a newbie who is new to a place that is not as new as it never was, but you can't never not lead a newbie to a new place that is other than the place they were not new previously when they were new. Said newbie cannot think they thought until they think of thinking and then they will put some thought to thinking and think they thought after they really think about it.

This wise man has the right of it!!


Lol. That made me giggle

You know, it felt a little dobartimish writing that...Ah yes, weren't those the days. Lol.

See you at the top.


What ever happened to that dude? Did the cult finally drink the koolaid?

I'm not really sure. I think he didn't get his airdrop when hive started and he had an apoplectic fit of range and spontaneously combusted. (I may have added that last bit for my own amusement, or to place a hex on said individual). Fortunately his/her particular brand of poetry-filth doesn't mar the blockchain any longer...Not on hive anyway.

Ugh... those memories. When all people had to do was calm down and let things get sorted out but decided to go batshit crazy instead.


NoNamesLeftToUse  Why Did You Have to Blow Your Brains Out Grandma.jpeg

Lol, old Dobberchops, he was a prize fanny.

We win together


Gawd Boomy, that tagline always made me cringe...As did much (everything) about that person. Dobberchops...Damn you, I wish I came up with that one. I used to call him Doby, you know that creepy dude in Harry Potter?

Hehe, I think I called him that too at one point!!

The man was a pie

Come on mate, pie didn't deserve that...I like pie.

There's other words for that person...But maybe it's a bit rude to say them. You know what I mean though.

Different pies!!! In Glasgow a pie is slang for vagina!!

Heh heh, so a Glasgow pie, lol