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I want somebody to get a proposal together and start developing a slick mobile app. A proper one. Like real sites have. That, would be the ultimate game changer for this place. It would take us out of niche.


Like real sites have.



I'm supporting this one - bit of a flier but cheap for the potential?


Oh sure, I saw that one. Will give it a vote myself!

Ugh feels bad that it doesn't get enough support.

Who can we page for that?

At the price, it's worth throwing a bit of caution into the wind imo.

If the team fail to provide regular progress reports and stick to promises, then the support will vanish. Plenty of people earning far more than what they are asking for from content, myself included.

I'll keep mentioning this one where appropriate, I also like roomservice's brave advertising campaign, although concede that we need to be bang on with where the link from the add would go to.

Almost feel like the proposal system needs some better implementation to enforce accountability, etc.

With the proposals/proposers being paid by the hour, funding can stop pretty sharpish. I think a weekly (burned) progress report is reasonable. Most contract work is 1 week to a month tops on termination notice? It's the hit employees have to take for getting someone in quick, and them not being up to scratch.

Here, reputation is perhaps more important than in the real world as negative references are not the norm. It'll be in the blockchain history who's not delivered what's been promised, and they will unlikely get funding in future, i assume.

I’m wondering if they’d get into the App Store at all. Apple doesn’t seem too friendly with crypto and blockchain related apps.

Seemingly not friendly at all, and I'm not sure of the reason. Perhaps it's tougher for them to monetize this as opposed to selling the likes of in-game crystals and extra goes?

The "evil" Chinese 🤣🤣 have that covered huewai devices are "Blockchain" ready and their android/apple store alternative app gallery is ready to rock

Exactly! They ask for so little that it deserves the support.+ If I’m not mistaken Hive doesn’t have any mobile app for now?

There is the eSteem app, which is reportedly getting better all the time. I just feel we need new eyes on this one, and will try to plug them where suitable.

Oh sure Esteem. I have it kinda connected with Steem:D...just like Partiko (which ended correct?)

I've been told to think of it as Esteem (self esteem), but yes, sounds very Steemy to me also.

Partiko I think is gone yes, I never used it myself.

That missclick brought my mind elswhere "ass teen" you say?:D

ha! Where? :D

Its quarantine...unfortunately nowhere close my vicinity...:D

Anyone promising to build an app this awesome for 30HBD a day gets my support. That's like 5K. If they onboard 100 people, it will be well worth it and they could very well onboard a lot more. We don't need absolutely everything to be open-sourced or whatever.

100% agree with this. We need to break with the old style, people loves easy, fast and mobile interface

They do. It's how the masses consume! :0)

Have you tried Esteem lately? It has improved quite a lot and we are preparing next release, feel free to try it out and let us know what you would like to see improved.

I haven't tried it for a while. I will be sure to check out the latest release and let you know :0)

Thank you. We will likely release new update next week with additions, improvements and will be happy to include changes if you will have any feedback.

Hopefully I will!

How hard was it for you guys to get into the App Store?

Initial listing is always challenging

Just rebrand to something not steem-y (i would also suggest not hive-y) and you'll probably triple your users in a week.

It was in pipeline to rebrand, but given that our name nothing to do with Steem, It is english word Esteem respect and admiration to our community, checkout our faq about our decision:

I wouldn't be married to that reasoning. Clearly it's a better strategic move to remove all association with hive and/or steem. I guarantee that if you rebrand to something else, you will get 3x your traffic.

We are working on website currently which will more likely 3x combined with mobile app and rebranding is still something we are planning for long term goals. Any suggestions for name?

Not sure. But if you keep the brand identity (which is fine), probably need something starting with an E.

I use Esteemapp for everything I do here. I am amazed by all the features the app has. I'm always happy to help new users find their way around.

But then less people would be looking out the windows. Are you anti-glass or something? Think about all those jobs people have making windows and installing windows. What about them? Their families? Some have kittens too, you know.

Just rehearsing for the next proposal shit show.

Haha, that's the stuff!! Divide my community!! :0D

"Divide"? If you're just going to resort to using the 'D' word, at least say the right one. What is wrong with you people. My opinion is delicious not divisive.

Why not use them both and claim some double d action!!

Because I wouldn't want too many of D's problems.

D's days it seems like I got dinety dine problems and a ditch ain't one

Damn. D's days dudes do dolls...

you're looking for dapplr or esteem :)

I'm hoping for great things from dappl and am going to check out esteem again. I have tried it before and to be honest and no offense against the guys, at the time it wasn't great. But I'm all for trying again

Oh I haven't tried it myself though. I just heard good things from them.

Too late, you're on the hook... ;0)

agree 100%

Check out the dapplr proposal.