May the Fourth be With POB!

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There’s a pretty new community, that serm to me, is gaining in popularity. It’s a general content community, with pretty cool tokenomics. There will only be 21 Million tokens ever minted, an some are burned everyday.

It’s pretty obvious who I’m taking about here. Anyone who had been paying attention lately, can tell you it’s the Proof of Brain community!

The price action has been pretty crazy lately. The price recently went above 1 Hive, and settled above .5!


It’ll be interesting to follow this token and community. I think they have a solid future!

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The truth is that POB has been a great complement to LEO and HIVE in this social network. My congratulations to the team behind the project who are doing a great job.

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The POB have a Bright future ahead....@mcoinz79

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