Join LeoFinance With Metamask and Earn ETH Rewards for Your Blogging

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Have you heard? You can now earn Ethereum by blogging on! Pretty rad, huh? So, welcome Ethereum/MetaMask users! The @leofinance community is surely excited to have you!

How To Sign Up

First, go to go to and hit "Get Started" then select "Sign Up With Metamask.” Choose your desired username, and if it’s available, confirm it with a Signature from your MetaMask account. And, ta-da, you have your very own LeoFinance account!

Since LeoFinance runs on the Hive blockchain, your account will include your Hive keys as well!

How To Earn Some ETH

Post. Make an introduction and say “Hi!” I’m sure the community will welcome you with open arms! Your post will be eligible to earn rewards for 7 days. Whatever your post earns, you get 50%, while the other 50% goes to the curators. Now, you can transfer your rewards to your Meta Mask wallet, and your LEO will be automatically converted into ETH!

Delayed Gratification

Instead of immediately transforming your LEO, you have the option to Power Up your tokens. This will give you an opportunity for curation rewards!


Once again, welcome! You’re gonna love it here!

This post is my entry to LeoFinance's Week 1 competition to reach out to the Ethereum/Metamask community!

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I still can't connect my leo wallet with metamask. I use Brave and every time I try this it redirects me to the download page.

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Did you setup brave to accept MetaMask as your Web 3.0 gateway? I was unable to connect to uniswap until I did this

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How should I do that?

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Hey, I actually covered it in this video at the 2:30 mark:

You just go into Brave browser settings > search "web3" and you'll see a dropdown for web3 wallets > then select Metamask as your preferred wallet

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I just did that. Quite annoyed that I couldn't connect my account to metamask. Thanks for your support.

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No problem! Glad it's fixed. That's an annoying feature of Brave. It should detect if Metamask is downloaded and if it is, it should assume that you want to use Metamask.

They'll likely change it one day. It's a major complaint from Brave users.

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