Help Me Understand The Vote Multiplier Tool

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I’m still confused about the vote multiplier! How do I use it to its maximum effectiveness? I do most of my upvotes from, and am looking to maximizing my curation. I know I can use the vote multiplier tool to affect my curation rewards, but unfortunately, I really don’t understand how it works. Please help 🤪

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Well firstly, LEO curation is flat these days so if your vote is worth 1 LEO, you'll get .5 LEO in 7 days.

If you are holding other tokens like PAL, without the multipler you'll vote at the same % as you do when you vote from LEO, If the post you vote on also tagged #palnet. If it didn't tag #palnet then the VP for pal will be untouched.

If you figure that only half the posts you vote on at LEO tag palnet, then you should double the vote weight of the pal vote. Makes sense?

The alternative, which I went for, was to have an account for each tribe I'm interested in. Doing it like this takes more time, but have more control over what you vote for. Say you have some STEM and vote on a leo post, if the author has tagged #technology, you'll vote with that STEM, even though the post might have nothing to do with technology.


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