The privatization of human imagination

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My illustrative physical bitcoin

Bitcoin is coming back with everything, will break the historic top high?

Anyone who has been in this market for a while knows the roller coaster that it is.

Meanwhile, I see in the altcoins very little of the recovery that was expected, including hive(just leo up).

Many altcoins with nice technologies, will stand out. Others will stand up.

Different factors including: functions and purposes, which will define the future of each one. We are certainly seeing price-technology dissociations. The tide is still filling ...

The best is not always the most expensive. Price and value are diference concepts.

It's that old story ... but why bitcoin?

Because the market is driven by speculation, the big money game. The market is not free, it never was, and it never will be. This utopia is the same as the search for a socialist society. The cult of capital is so strong that it unites the most diverse beliefs.

But that's not all, bitcoin is the prototype of blockchain technology, the first, the most reliable. And that is another thing that the market needs, trust. For this reason, among other factors, gold remains the most precious asset. Also important is the scarcity and portability of the asset.

Confidence is good, but it is still not enough, big investors do not come to lose. They need a margin, a future price, and soon, we will have the insurance that the call and put options offer to smart players.

The big ones in the market live off that, and a lot of people do too. This imaginary market is also what enables the growth and tokenization of all data - produced by human / machine or machine / machine - from the internet.

The biggest privatization in history was born with Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, the privatization of the human imagination. Altcoins will be speculated as well, a matter of time. The human need to have more capital, the vast majority for minimal survival, represents the end of the hegemony of States and major players in the market in this game. Money stopped representing some material good a long time ago, now it is only official and released to everyone.

And what do I think of that?

I think it's fantastic, a small step towards capitalism. A possible big step for humanity.

Let them play! I'm a spectator and still winning for it! Before I stayed, and I won nothing. :)

See you!


Matheus Guimarães


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