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RE: The Story Of 2021: Big Tech Flexing Its Muscle

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This shows how important what we are doing on Hive really is. Providing an alternative to the centralized system is crucial. Now, we must look for everyone opportunity to do that. Layer by layer has to be torn apart, providing a decentralized alternative.

I agree with you. Everything need to be built from the root to the highest level of decentralization. I'm sure this will create some division in some areas as most big techs would do their possible best to manipulate alot of their users not to buy into the idea of decentralization

I am sure we'll get through the storm against centralization

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We are one of the alternatives.

I think everything has to be done with the idea of decentralization in mind. No matter what the task, it has to be done with the focus of growth and spreading things out.

The key is to make everything on here more resilient.

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