Who Are Your Favorite Authors On LeoFinance?

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I think it would be interesting to list a few authors here whose content I value on LeoFinance in terms of their overall quality and their potential to attract users from outside the ecosystem.

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1 @taskmaster4450 (including his alt @taskmaster4450le)

I like Taskmaster's content because he combines multiple perspectives into a coherent vision. The core of Taskmaster's vision is the accelerating gains of technological development. I'm familiar with that concept as well. I was first introduced to it over a decade ago by Ray Kurzweil's book The Singularity which is about technological singularity defined as the temporal horizon beyond which accelerating technological development is so rapid that all our models and concepts of the world break down. It's a moving target. What's notable is that the world is now well into a stage where the acceleration of technological development has tangible and potent consequences within a single human lifespan.

It is from this reality overlooked by many that Taskmaster derives many of his core predictions when it comes to societal changes and the economy that are ahead of us. He is hands down the most visionary of all content creators on Hive let alone LeoFinance.

2 @rollandthomas

@rollandthomas trades a lot both in crypto and legacy markets. His market analyses are a lot to digest at least for someone not well-versed in TA and valuable in their diversity of topics.

3 @dalz

@dalz's statistics and his visual presentation of them offer insights in an appealing package. It's content like this that I believe is perfect for social media consumption. The take home message is never buried under layers of jargon or poor formatting.

4 @louisthomas

@louisthomas is less well-known among LeoFinance authors. He has been making videos about crypto on YouTube for years. He's also a long-time Steem/Hive content creator. From what I gather, Louis has been involved in crypto longer than most people. There is little that I can disagree on his well thought-out analyses born out of solid understanding of economic first principles and experience.

5 @edicted

@edicted focuses on crypto and blockchain tech. I find his reports on experimenting with the shiny new instruments in crypto finance most entertaining and informative. @edicted has a hands on approach to trying out the new stuff as developers roll it out. Sometimes that gets him a bloody nose. His approach is valuable because his content is relatable and sincere, and offers insights borne out of throwing himself into the fray. After all, nobody can claim much experience in DeFi, which makes pretty much everyone a beginner and in a position to benefit from the trials and errors of someone able to report back on his endeavors in an entertaining fashion.

6 @jcornel

@jcornel writes about crypto in an easily digestable format. Making a point or a couple and presenting them in a well formatted way works well. There is value in discovering a relevant piece of information floating out there in the wider world or a coming up with a key insight and sharing it with the community. Again, formatting is important on social media/online publishing. People are inundated with information as they go about browsing the internet. If you can catch their attention, hold it until the end of your post and post regularly, chances are they'll keep coming back.


I'd like to hear about other great authors on LeoFinance. Who are they and why do you like their content? I suggest that everyone take stock of what works in the content creation of their favorites and learn from it.

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All good choices! I follow most, but will definitely look at the others I am unfamiliar with

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I'm glad I could help.

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Here's few of my favorites. Some I think are very uderrated:

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Thank you for the mention!

You deserve it :)

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Thanks for mentioning these authors!

hope you found them valuabale :)

Thanks for the shout out!
HIVE/LEO is a great platform if you are committed to grow. A lot of possibilities to educated and train yourself.
I know I have, since the start was so so :)

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You're welcome. I was impressed by the market cap animation.

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Yea those are fun. Stats show in the right way.
Will keep more of those coming.
I'm eager to try the line chart animation.

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Are you familiar with fallen.io?

These animations are really something and somehow the authors manage to bring home the human tragedy of WW II despite only talking about numbers.

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I just open it. Look a high level material.
Charts and animation at if finest. All custom made from what I can tell.

This is a great list with some interesting content in the website. Beside listing some of the best content creators on this site (I am dazzled you didn't specified also @trumpman :)), one more interesting thing would be to see whom from the top content creators or LEO Finance investors are most engaged with the community. I would say they are fewer and those I believe to a harder work than others by manually curating, adding comments and guiding the newer or other members from the community. Those I appreciate the most!

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Let's just say that this list is a carefully curated one. I'd say that these authors are pretty good candidates for large upvotes as well.

I left out @khaleelkazi because everyone knows him and because he his content is mostly about LeoFinance, which is quite natural because he's the founder of the platform and, if I'm correct, also the lead developer. I was aiming at singling out content creators whose content I deem particularly valuable. @louisthomas might not be known by everyone.

Thanks for the tag, friend!
I'm a glutton for punishment :D

You have taken one for the team on multiple occasions. Somebody's going to have to eat the mushrooms no one has seen before for the tribe to know if they're edible. :D

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Ha! woof.

These mushrooms are amazing!
I don't feel so good!

Thanks for the write up and vote of confidence.

Likewise I put you on my list. I like your stuff as much as you do mine.

I like following the path and growth of @coyotelation who just reached his goal of 10,000 LP.


@uyobong offers great insight into crypto from a perspective that is far different from mine in terms of background.

Another Nigerian is @josediccus. His stuff is worthy of checking out because it, too, offers the perspective that differs from us in the West.

All the other authors on your list are, of course, very sound and strong contributors to the Leofinance ecosystem.

I guess we will have to kiss some ass and put @khaleelkazi on the list too. If not, he tends to get a bit grumpy. 😁

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it is @uyobong . not uwobong

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Thanks for pointing out the typo.

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You might also want to check @jcornel should be @jrcornel.

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I think I got that one right. :)

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That you for the vote of confidence as well!

Thanks for mentioning @uwobong. The people of developing countries have an angle to crypto that is different indeed from that of us in the West. There are many countries where there are a lot of people without banking services. Many parts of the world are plagued by endemic corruption and blockchain may have some potential in stemming that.

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Thanks a lot @taskmaster4450le for the shout-out, I guess I try to do my best, I do basically finance relating to advertising and spending money.

Appreciate the mention, sir! Thank you for your kind words 😊

Fully deserved words, I should add.

@louisthomas, love your videos on youtube...watch out for the Leofinance video feature before the end of year that will automatically send your video from Leofinance to Youtube.

PS - would love to see you do a video about Leofinance, that would be awesome...from one Thomas to another Thomas

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Hey @louisthomas,

Have you thought about really getting involved in the LeoFinance community? I know I'm not the only one here who has followed your videos for years and would love to see it happen.

You're already here on Hive, but communities are the way forward for the platform and your content would fit in perfectly here.

If you have any questions, just give us a shoutout. Either myself, or one of the LEO big hitters would be happy to help you get started on the right foot.

Edit: I've just delegated you 250 LEO to hopefully help make the decision a bit easier for you. When you curate content, you'll now start to earn both HIVE and LEO.

Come on over!

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For now reblogging, but i will come back to write my own favorites (even though I agree with ALL your mentioned ones above :))

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I totally agree with these people you've mentioned. They are awesome content creators, but that also shows regularly as they are continuously in the top. (Well deserved of course!) My personal favorite would be @taskmaster4450, but not only because of his content..

I find his content useful and well-written or presented, but he is not my personal favorite because of his content.. I pick him as my top 1 because of his dedication to the community growth and for his efforts towards a better distribution. I have come to realize that he and I are very like-minded in certain ways, so we usually end up having great discussions or "dialogs" within the comment sections.

That being said, I am very impressed by these author's imagination and creativity and even though I don't strive to become as successful or good as any of these specific authors, I do think that they are good examples of users with great success.

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For me that would currently mostly be @nealmcspadden and @rollandthomas because they put the finance in Leo, without going too meta.

Bonus mention to @jrcornel, because his content is also rather diversified, and also @scaredycatguide.

Why did I opt for those, despite following several others too?

Because, honestly, I’m not the finance dude but I read more finance and economy every day just by having the business section on my The Guardian homepage than I find finance and crypto every day on the Leo homepage.
In recent days there has been some improvement but there’s still too much “meta rewards fishing” going on and as we’ve historically proven on this chain, as curators we’re totally gullible and keep rewarding that content, irrelevantly of whether it has value for a not meta audience or not.

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Because, honestly, I’m not the finance dude but I read more finance and economy every day just by having the business section on my The Guardian homepage than I find finance and crypto every day on the Leo homepage.

This is one of the advantages of centralized curation. Fortunately, the LeoFinance front end can be curated in multiple ways independently of the rewards.

In recent days there has been some improvement but there’s still too much “meta rewards fishing” going on and as we’ve historically proven on this chain, as curators we’re totally gullible and keep rewarding that content, irrelevantly of whether it has value for a not meta audience or not.

Spot on. Reward farming can do a lot of harm. Also, it's not particularly encouraging to see some copy&paste or a half baked meme job pull 100-200 LEO.

man you have listed the best there is I also follow these people and like there content because there content is informative and fun to read like watching @taskmaster4450 & @taskmaster4450le video on crypto and tesla

I also follow @edicted @louisthomas @dalz @rollandthomas

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Great list of influential authors on LEO Finance. I am in full agreement that these folks do provide quality content. I need to ensure that I am following all of them!

I am going to shill @scaredycatguide. Poor fellow. He has been posting for 4 years and his content was very undervalued! Now he is getting more love. He also provides a weekly curation summary of financial topics across HIVE Blockchain Network articles/posts.

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I'm a newbee to LeoFinance and still need to read a lot. Some of the names you mentioned, I already came across. A great video about BTC from Rolland Thomas a few days ago that made me start to move some of my fiat to get into BTC. The moving part of the FIAT is a bit difficult though. Binance didnt let me; Coinbase takes a week. Fortunately Bittrex was the easiest, took less then half a day to get the funds deposited; Darn cryptos hahaha

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What's great about Leo is that most of the writers are good! It's probably because there aren't a lot of them right now! You and I, we both have a chance to reach the top!

The ones you mentioned are great, though! To beat them, it will take many hours of hard work and dedication! Anyway, I'm ready!

Thanks for sharing your top! Have a great day!

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@markkujantunen thanks for the kind words. I think everyone on the list above and within the community "ROCKS" as I have gain so much perspective that's different from my own analysis.

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You're welcome.

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It is a very good list, they are very varied prefiles and they all have their own, I like to read everyone.

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I have no idea yet who is my favorite except to my self! LOL...

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Why You forget to write about Onealfa.leo

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Because he mostly curates instead of writing himself.

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