When Was The Last Time You Used A Check?

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This is a rather simple and straightforward question.

I can tell you that the last time I did that was in the summer of 2002 when I was traveling in Italy, Switzerland and Croatia. I had bought travelers' checks I cashed in at local banks from time to time.

Much later when we bought the house we live in now the deal was closed at a local bank where we signed the deeds and some papers that allowed the money to be transferred to the sellers. Technically, they may have been checks but the money transfers were immediate.

I have never in my life paid any bills using checks.

The nation-wide electronic inter-bank payment network was opened in 1978 and the first electronic banking terminals were launched the same year. In 1989, almost 100,000 people used internet banking from their homes. The total population at the time was around 5 million.

I don't think I've seen a paycheck belonging to either of my parents, either, and I'm in my late forties. Their employers always paid them directly to their bank accounts not to mention having received my salary in the form of a check as long as I remember.

When I served in the Finnish Defense Forces as a conscript in the early 1990's, we got paid our daily allowances in cash every Friday afternoon. Now they're paid to the soldiers' bank accounts. They all have either debit cards or use payment apps linked to their bank accounts.

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The last time I wrote a check was way back on 2 March 2021. How time flies!

I've read that the US banking system evolved to operate on a state-wide or local basis or that there were even some sort of barriers to banking over state borders. Is this the case?

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there were even some sort of barriers to banking over state borders.

Oh, there still are. It’s really a mess in America:

Those were the days!!!

I hope I will use one tomorrow. I have lost that check from 2005. But I got it now, so I hope that maybe I will success.

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My parents used them when I was maybe 10ish - but I have never used them, other than like you said, for the house transfer stuff, but I don't think that counts.

One realtor I once dealt with said she's sometimes had to carry really, really large checks on her person. It's best if a house purchase is done at a bank. All the money is moved by the staff so no one else has to worry about that.

While the vast majority of my transactions are do not involve checks, I still use them from time to time.

If you are counting receiving the checks and depositing, then may be in 2001, otherwise I haven't written a check myself, neither for me nor for anyone else, long live online banking et cetera.

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Online banking mobile and web apps tend to be pretty good these days. Peakd is slowly approaching their usability.

I've never used one for my personal finances, only for the company I was working for, but it was a long time ago. Checks are not popular anymore.

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My 80 something year old aunt sends checks to the entire family at xmas and my 80 something year old uncle gets mad because it takes everyone several months to cash them and screws up his checkbook balancing until they're cashed. She has done this since we were children

Outside of my yearly xmas check though, I honestly can't remember the last time I've used or cashed an actual physical check.

80-year-olds may be too old to learn new tricks. But if your aunt could learn how to use Venmo - or crypto - that would be fantastic!

LOL, no doubt :)

I write cheques for our rent. We're due to renew our tenancy contract at the end of the month, hence time to issue another.

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What I love about using electronic payment rails for that kind of expenses is that there is at least one external party to witness that the payment was actually made. As for smaller purchases, I prefer physical cash. It's easier to keep track of and I also don't like the idea of all of my purchases being potentially traceable or censorable. That's part of the appeal of crypto to me.


There is no even single bank in my country since 2018, who will accept check for cash out

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I should ask just for the heck of it.

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@onealfa.leo the banking world have really changed,all thanks to technology,there are now more easier and more effective ways to spend and receive money in the banking world,that is why check seems to be becoming old-fashioned and many people are loosing interest in using it...

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