The world in flux: consumption, war, crisis - What are the stars for Bitcoin?

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Anyone who has not closed his eyes completely will have already recognized and perhaps even felt it on his own body, we live in a time of great upheaval. The crisis seems to have become a permanent state. Financial crisis, environmental crisis, refugee crisis, EU crisis, democracy crisis, Corona crisis, the events of the past years show that our established systems are no longer sustainable for the future.

The crisis as a permanent state

We seem to be systematically destroying the basis of our lives, the earth and ourselves. We live at the expense of Mother Earth and the majority of people who cannot defend themselves against it. Can it go on forever with higher, faster, further?

Even without spiritual faith, everyone knows that nature and our earthly life takes place in a cycle of birth, growth, harvest, decline and death. Why should the material growth process of all things be an exception. We as humanity have climbed into a plane, flown steeply upwards and forgotten that we can run out of fuel. If we don't prepare for a landing that is perhaps still somewhat soft, we will inevitably crash.

Bitcoin as a savior in the coming financial crisis?

The next financial crisis will inevitably follow on Corona. The old financial system is digging its own grave. Bitcoin was the prophetic discovery for the future as an alternative to the dying financial system. It combines the advantages of online payment systems and a decentralized currency, similar to gold. Bitcoin disenchants the old centralized currency systems because it offers an alternative to the current monetary system. Bitcoin is based on mathematics, cryptography and the innovative block chain technology that many consider the most important technological discovery since the Internet.

The Bitcoin network is independent (decentralized) and thus not dependent on the existence or availability of banks, organizations or states and is freely accessible to all people in the world. Quite in contrast to the old currency systems, its value is based on fixed, transparent rules, such as a limited, not arbitrarily reproducible quantity and voluntary acceptance by its users.

Thoughts Leo experts?

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