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RE: The narcissism of small cryptos

in LeoFinancelast year

It's a sad thing, the majority of people interested in crypto are here to make money fast, and not to build a better world. :( It's nice to see there is other people who are looking to make a better world :)

I really think steem can change the world. We just need to keep going and going and networking and networking, bringing new people when the time arrives.

One of the most important aspects of making community is uniting, which narcissists doesn't understand (they just live in a world full of competition). So be sure, steem is the place to make community, grow and integrate cryptocurrency to the masses.

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I am hoping that the coming development built upon hivemind, communities and powered with SMTs will take people into consideration more, now that the economics are working better. THe focus should shift towards building compelling and emotionally rewarding experiences for users, not just attract based on reward.

It is a trial and error process though, and many will never choose to take part, although they will be happy to take credit and reward.

I am also hoping. Many people doesn't understand what means to develop a project and develop a community, and doesn't seem to enjoy just to be part of it because they like to connect to others. So how do we attract the people who want to just connect through making a better world? Big question and the answer would be to remove the rewards, but that goes in contradiction with what steem is and what is trying to achieve.
Maybe money and community can't be friends.

So how do we attract the people who want to just connect through making a better world?

I think it is about adding more rewards. Applications that people love with SMTs that help people feel value in the process. Tokens don't have to be salable, just valuable to the users. Karma points are worthless yet people collect them, players collect ranks playing various games - they are all tokens of some kind.