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RE: HIVE To HBD Conversions? | Yes, they are happening in the DHF/DAO Fund | Lets take a look!

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How does one know about all these things, very interesting.


Lol ... it's quite an important stuff :)

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I learned that now by reading your blog, where did you learn about this? Just with some explorer grinding?

Well I was looking at the dao, since the stinc funds were transfered there .... also read howo and blocktrades posts... prior to the hf in october.... after I looked at the explorer and asked howo 😀

Btw .... would you convert hive to hbd if you had the option.... easy from the wallet? Converting will destroy hive, remove from circulation and create new hbd

If I could spend it in all the HIVE native Blockchain Games.

Besides Staking, that's all I need HIVE for. Liquid Hive is a waste of potential.

Vote Authority and Games, I'm a simple