My hive god-speed || why I love hive story

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All praise is due to the great creator for whom I have come so far today for whom I have become a kind of successful person today if it were not for his will I would never have found such a beautiful platform.
Anyway, actually, that,s why I love #hive. There are many reasons for this. Looking at the reasons, it can be seen that today will not be a cold day.

Who am i What am I? I am a normal person. I am a day laborer. I used to spend my days eating. I am an expatriate who has been living in exile for many years. Who knew suddenly my life would change like this.

How I came to this platform through which the great creator is the owner who showed me the way to this national platform.

I came to this site and this platform in the first month of 2018. I went to Malaysia Immigration for my passport work and there I found a man who had been working in our steel blockchain for a long time and when I saw him his busy. Mobile I was somehow forced to ask him what are you doing bro are you very busy watching?

He then told me about our platform. I asked if people like me could work on this platform. What can I do to show something here? He replied, "If you can, why can't you? If you try, one day you will succeed in your work."

So without thinking of anything else I quickly opened an account #hive I knew what my journey started from there I knew nothing I was not even an educated person and I never imagined that I would talk to such beautiful people I contact So beautiful. When I came to work, I had to face many problems. Gradually everything seemed a lot easier to me.

The platform has changed my life because everyone is looking for a job, everyone is thinking of doing something so that he can earn something. Of course I had a hope in my mind that I would do something by working on a platform and to be honest I have done a lot in the last three years. On this platform, I don't think I could have done anything if I hadn't worked on such a beautiful platform.

Most of the time I like to make videos, sing songs and blog. I like #hive because I can do any subject, any language, any language here, I can promote here, I can make a post, I can make a video. What I like is that I can speak my mother tongue.

No one in our country side ever imagined that he would talk to and communicate with people from abroad. I did it, Mamun. I was able to do that. I have talked to different people at different times. I got a lot of solutions, I got a lot of help from them, I had a kind of ups and downs with a lot of beautiful people.

For which I am Mamun today I am very proud of myself that I was and am in a prayer where I can do something in my future to show something in the future.

If you try, if you want, if you want, you can do anything. On this platform, you can show some fear. People, a lot of people called me crazy when I did this new primary work, a lot of people laughed, but without noticing them I noticed my work for which I did a lot of things today, I did a lot of things with this team money And I want to be a more successful person in the future.

Everyone will pray for me and I hope you will like and enjoy this story which is why I love this platform so much.

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