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RE: Research: EOS In Trouble

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The idea that this or that blockchain is a killer of another blockchain is misguided. It's zero-sum thinking in a space that has potential to grow a huge deal and whose growth in value actually depends on connections between users. That's where the idea of one protocol killing another is utterly false. Bridges between protocols could massively boost the combined network effect of the protocols connected.

 4 months ago 

FIO is an interesting project along those lines, lukestokes is a big part of it.

I agree - in the future I see the blockchain not being that important. Everything is stored on a blockchain/decentralised computer and you just use different dapps/instances to connect with people and content you are interested in.

I agree with your statement completely.

It is a mindset reared in a scarcity world. People will decide where they go. In fact, I believe, in the not too distant future, people will not care about what blockchain they are on. It will be the applications used that they are interested in.

If EXODE, as an example, takes off, will the users care the JSON is going to Hive? It will not be material to their experience as long as the blockchain is able to handle the traffic and keep the game operating smoothly.

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