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RE: Hive is lagging and I want to participate in the bull market!

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HODLing is also a gamble as it requires sometimes faith and not just brains

It requires luck, nothing more.
It's a defensive, fearful, stagnant , passive, mentality.


I hodl 100K steem from 2016 till hive fork. How stupid is that?

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You still made profit, though?

Sold hive and hunt at the top.Sold steem. Uni airdrop. Bought btc, leo and eth. I was somehow lucky with timing this time.

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An Old Timer will learn a trick or two.

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By not hodling my steem income stands me at around $12 per steem (approx - stopped working it out a while back)

I haven't worked out my hive, but I sold at between the 40 and 80 cents spike.
My three month hiatus from 'real work' means that I'm using it to live, for now..(it was 24 cents when I calculated it.