Coinbase or Binance?

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Hi there Leos!

Which Crypto Exchange would you prefer?
Coinbase or Binance?
I'm still missing some Alt Coins at certain exchanges,
so it's time to add one more.
Which one would you prefer?
I just heard that Coinbase made more revenue in the first
quarter of 2021 than in the whole year of 2020.

I think 1,8 Billion $...😜

Anyway, does that make it a better exchange?
Hmmm, i don't know.
What about the trading fees comparing those 2 exchanges?

Binance seems to trade all coins...

I didn't double check with Coinbase.
Do they also trade all Alt Coins?
Or anything interesting missing?
Are they both based in the US?

Thanks For Your Time & Enjoy Your Sunday

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For me I prefer Binance😎👌

That was/is my gut feeling,too.
I wanted to double check.
Thanks for the feed back.
So there is really nothing Coinbase can do/offer "better"
than Binance, right?

Yes I can assure you that

Cool, thanx